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Standard Colors vs. Color Matching System

Color matching inks were intended for blending with other colors in the color matching system. Because of this, they tend to be more transparent in color. A color matching series usually contains 12 colors. When ink manufacturers use this series of colors, they’ve essentially made purchasing and mixing ink easier for their customers, as it means they have formulas for all Pantone® color charts readily available. If a customer needed to have color matched ink made every time they ran out, they would typically incur an additional color matching fee, in addition Continue reading

Standard Ink Colors Vs. High Opaque Ink Colors

Standard colors will have more pigment incorporated into them than color matching ink colors. High opaque colors, sometimes called “high definition colors,” will have even more pigment added to the resin and thinner mixture, thus giving the high opaque inks the most hiding power. Please note that the more pigment added will mean less resin, and depending on the material being printed, this may create adhesion issues. With that being said, it is always important to run tests before putting the ink into production.

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