Problem Solved: Harnessing Heat Transfer Costs

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Diversified Printing Techniques focuses on practical solutions. Our team of highly experienced engineers and technicians are able to carefully analyze difficult projects, and apply successful solutions. Recently we had a customer present us with a dilemma.  They were using heat transfers on a souvenir cup with a three color image that wrapped more than 180̊ degrees around the circumference. They had been told by most in the industry that this was the only way to decorate their product.  Not only were the transfers expensive, but also they were having serious quality issues and were forced to scrap a large percentage of their daily production.  We carefully analyzed the product, and even though pad printing on cups is a challenge due to the restricted amount of wrap, we saw an opportunity for success. 

The image lent itself to being divided into three zones.  We were able to design a fixture that would rotate the part to each zone and allow for a non-distorted print that exceeded 180̊ of the cups circumference.

We proposed and they purchased our Promoter-4 printer, which has four ink cups, four pads, and a servo shuttle.   We designed and installed a custom tool for rotating the part.  The machine was designed to maintain pace with their molding process of less than nine seconds, allowing them to print at the molding machine.  The benefits to the customer included increased efficiency by printing at the press as well as considerable savings in consumable items.  By transitioning from heat transfers to the Promotor 4 payback was achieved in 8 months.  An additional benefit was the significant reduction in scrap.  Their scrap level from decorating was reduced to less than one percent, which added to the payback.  This customer is extremely pleased and is having great success in their daily production.