KENT KSD: Where Pad Printing Meets Precision

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Not all pad printing machines are created equal just as not all pad printing applications are the same.

Unique to the Kent line of pad printers is the KSD series.  The servo driven Kent KSD provides a vault like structure with sophisticated motion control and is ideal for use in high speed situations or applications that require extensive process management.

A solid cast structure provides stability while precision guide rails with pairing runner blocks mounted to machined surfaces offer accurate and repeatable linear motion.  Servo motors drive the pad ram and cliché carriage.  Controlling this motion is an advanced program offering programmable pad stroke, cliché positioning, variable ink release and multi speed settings for pad movement.  The pad ram servo motor is sized to compress a full range of pads and durometers.  A fully automatic and programmable tape clean off device is available as an optional item.  The KSD is available in two sizes; 90mm and 130mm.  Both machines utilize the innovative G ink cup system.  Please contact your local sales representative for more information.