Go Green, Use G-Cups

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Since the late 1960s, transfer pad printing has been a popular decorative process, but it hasn’t always been the
easiest. Since its inception, the pad printing process has undergone several revolutionary changes, but none are as important as the award winning Diversified Printing Techniques “Green Pad Printing System.” In full, this system includes the Green Cup, Green Plate, G-printer, UV ink, and a direct computer-to-plate laser-engraving machine (KCTP).


Today, we’re going to focus on the Green Cup (G-Cup)

The G-Cup utilizes a liner that acts as an ink reservoir. This green technology offers a simple, yet remarkable, advantage: it promotes quick changeovers by reducing cleanup and minimizing the need for cleaning solvents and rags, while greatly enhancing performance. Additionally, the G-Cup liner can be fitted with a lid to reduce ink waste!

Construction of the G-Cup body includes several small but strong magnets evenly spaced around the outer parameter of the ink cup body just inside the doctor ring. This design stimulates ink flow by leaving the center of the cup free from obstruction. Doctoring performance on all cliché materials (thin and thick) is optimized by providing a strong and even clamping force. This even force eliminates the problem associated with scraping out ink from the image that is typically associated with center magnets. The plastic liner fits securely within the cup body and effectively protects the o-ring and magnets from ink and their respective solvents. Doctor rings are available in steel and ceramic and are mounted securely via the o-ring to the other diameter of the ink cup body. Removal of the doctor ring and liner is easily handled through the use of a change out tool.

The G-ink cup is indeed a game changer. Please contact your local sales representative to learn more about how this technology can help you.